The ancient technique of reflexology is one of the most powerful non-invasive health treatments available. It is based on the principal that reflexes in the feet correspond to nerves, organs, muscles and joints of the body. It is an enjoyable, relaxing and therapeutic treatment on your feet. The treatment takes one hour. A treatment plan is designed for you at your first consultation.

Eileen Healy is a practicing Midwife and an experienced reflexologist. Specialising in fertility, pregnancy and baby reflexology, Eileen has over 15 years experience and has successfully treated many clients. She is a a qualified parentcraft facilator providing antenatal classes in Kerry General Hospital. Eileen is a registered member of the N.R.R.I and treatments are covered by most major health insurance companies.

Baby Reflexology

Warmly welcome your baby through touch and massage. Reflexology is helpful for all stages of life. It’s even beneficial for little babies who suffer from wind, colic, reflux and constipation. It’s perfect for little bodies because it relaxes muscles, eases common teething pain and may promote good sleep patterns – good news for everyone!

Following the journey of birth, babies can take some time to adjust to their new surroundings. They may experience some of the following discomforts and reflexology may help to alleviate them.

-Teething pain & ear congestion
-Relaxing – reduce irritability
-Promotes good sleep patterns

Pregnancy Reflexology

As a midwife & nurse, Eileen is well subject matter expert in the issues and needs that arise during pregnancy and how best to treat them with reflexology. Pregnancy can exacerbate back pain, bring on sinus problems and affect your sleeping patterns and energy levels. Reflexology helps restore the balance in your body. It can alleviate discomforts such as morning sickness and constipation, and a range of varied minor disorders that pregnancy can give rise to. People have been using reflexology for 3,000 years. As a treatment, it’s completely natural and safe, and it can lead to shorter, less painful labour and birth.

Reflexology can help to alleviate the following discomforts that may arise during pregnancy:

Morning sickness
Relieves sinus congestion
Back / Shoulder / Neck pain
Pelvic pain / Symphis pubic pain. SPD
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Reduces anxiety
Improves sleep
Improves energy
Helps baby into the optimal birth position
Reduces the amount of pain relief required
during labour
Shorter and less painful labour and birth

Post-Natal Reflexology

Your body has just produced a baby – what major achievement ; now you need to nurture its physical and emotional recovery. Eileen can aid your recovery by using reflexology to perhaps eliminate excess fluid from your body or increase the supply of milk to your baby. Reflexology can be used to bring down any engorgement, promote healing, reduce anxiety and coax your body back to itself.

In terms of your mind, reflexology has proved effective against post-natal depression. It can help to reduce anxiety you may be feeling, increases your strength and promotes your confidence.

Reflexology post-pregnancy can help with the following:

To eliminate excess fluid from the body
Helps to increase lactation
Reduce engorgement
Promotes healing & helps to regulate body
Reduces anxiety
Prevents & relieves postnatal depression
Promotes confidence

With Eileen’s training and work as a midwife, her extensive experience in working with mothers and babies, and her skills in reflexology, you can count on her wisdom and her treatments.

Mother and Baby Reflexology

Being a new mother is about lots of things, but most of all, it’s about touch and bonding with your baby. Eileen’s Mother and Baby Reflexology provides a comfortable and relaxing environment for you to find out how you and your baby can bond physically and mindfully though reflexology.

Learn how to soothe your baby’s discomforts through massage of his/her feet and see how you can benefit too. This is a bonding time for you and your baby. You can choose to do it on a one-to-one basis with Eileen or as part of a group. Contact Eileen to explore the possibilities.

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